Ebb and Flow

It’s been quite awhile since my last blog. Life has been fairly hectic for me, to say the least. I’ve had a lot going in the writing world. Book three, Redemption of the Mighty, will be out later this year, I’ve passed along a script for a pilot episode to be reviewed by interested parties, and I’ve begun work on another book. Oh, and there’s a comic book I’m working on too. But, trying to manage all of that has become a fairly regular thing. But, that’s not all.

Just this past week, we added another kids to the number of those that are out of the house for a total of four. This one went nine hours away to Springfield, Missouri. So, that’s three in college (one local, one the next state over, and one half way across the country) and one who is still trying to find her path in life. As a parent, there are two things that I want for my children; love God, and be happy. That’s especially tough because I know that each one will have to find their own way in life. They’ll each make mistakes, just like I have and still do. Still, that doesn’t make it any easier.

Over the summer, I’ve seen each of the four oldest struggle with decisions. As a parent, it’s hard to watch. I can provide love, support, and guidance (where wanted.) Ultimately, it’s out of my hands. Prayer gets me through it. Still, it’s rough.

I recently read a passage in Revelation, chapter 4. It describes four creatures covered with eyes that constantly give praise to God. Within a few days, I was at church and our pastor preached on Revelations, including chapter 4. There was so much more to that he spoke about. But as I sat there, this image kept replaying in my head. These creatures saw everything, good and evil, and continued to praise God. Until then, I hadn’t realized that I had stopped praising God. Sure, I was praying daily. But, where was my praise for the one made a way for me to be forgiven? God doesn’t need my praise. But, He is certainly worthy of it. Instead, what I realized is that praising God is beneficial to me. I had allowed the temporary troubles of this life drown out the you God has given me.

Daniel was in the lion’s den and praised God. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were throw into a fiery furnish and still praised God. David was chased by King Saul and the entire army and still praised God. On and on, you can find people in scripture who were set apart by God who praised Him in the midst of troubles. They did more than seek His help, but offered up praise.

Maybe you’ve been through the fire or find yourself in a lion’s den of sorts, like I have. Don’t let the opportunity to give Almighty God the praise and honor that only He is worthy of go by unclaimed. It’s in the midst of these troubles that we are most vulnerable. God does great works in through our weaknesses!

God bless,


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