First Book Signing 03/18/2017

I had my first book signing event yesterday. Now that I’ve had a day to reflect on it, I wanted to share some thoughts about it. It was interesting talking with people about the story. Many who came were friends or family that wanted to show support for my endeavor. To all of them, I’m grateful. Because of them, I’m blessed! And, it was great to see each and everyone of them.

Now, I’d like to address those who stopped by that I did not know. Meeting and speaking with people that I had never met before about a book that they had not heard of before was truly interesting. Some wanted to know about the book and asked a plethora of questions about the story in general. Some, however, also wanted to know a bit about me. “What made you want to write?” “Is it something you always wanted to do?” “Have you written other stuff?” And on- and on… There was also the occasional, “Can I have a bookmark?” And, that was fine too. Hey, maybe they’ll purchase the book later on Amazon. It was kind of what I expected, and nothing out of the ordinary. Still, there was one person I met that gave me a look at something I hadn’t experienced before. This person talked with me and seemed to be somewhat excited to not only purchase a book, but to have me sign it and talk with him. Assuming he likes the book after reading it, I expect this person will be a fan. I’ve had strangers like my page ( But, to have a live person in front of me seem to become a fan right before my eyes was interesting.

I said all that to say this. It’s nice to have people enjoy reading the book and meeting me. But, that’s not the reason I wrote it. There was a story that I felt needed to be told, one that continually rattled around in my head wanting to come out. I just hope that this story is enjoyed by those who read it, and leaves a positive impact on their world view. After all, you don’t have to have super powers to make a difference in the world. So, to each of you that came to see me and anyone that reads this blog, go let you light shine in the darkest of places!

-Kenyon T. Henry

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