We are Mighty!

We are members of a secret organization called Mighty. Our legacy dates back more than 4,000 years. It all began with a boy named David who was chosen to be the king of a Mighty nation.

David grew to be a great warrior in battle. So much so, that the present king became jealous and David was forced to run and hide for fear of his life. Men who had been outcasts of society rallied to David. Together, the kept neighboring countries from raiding the outer parts of their land. This rag-tag group of men came to be know as David’s Mighty Men. Their feats are the stuff of legend, only every word is truth.

We are their descendants, blessed by the Almighty with gifts and abilities beyond that of others. It also enables us to keep the world safe from Fallen, a group that has also been around for a long time and is bent on destroying humanity.

Meet the Mighty

Below are pictures of some of our favorite heroes and heroine drawn by you, the honored guest. We would love to see more! So, start drawing and share it with the writer on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and your rendering just may show up here. Oh, and be sure to let us know who you drew and the artist’s name, city, and state so we can give you credit.

Stephen Cross

Artwork by: Eddie Price (GA)

I’m Stephen. At the age of 18, I left home for reasons that aren’t easy to explain. Let’s just say I was going through some “changes” that I didn’t know how to handle. Unfortunately, just as I thought I was getting a grip on my new life, it came crashing down on me. Feeling lost, and more alone than ever, I returned to Waltz, the man who raised me. It was then that I was able to gain control and discover I had a choice to make about my heritage as Mighty.

Vincent Abbot

Artwork by: Eddie Price (GA)

I am Vincent Abbott. When Stephen first came to work for me, I saw that he was arrogant and bold. But, that was okay. I like boldness. And, I also saw that he was honest and an extremely diligent worker. He quickly won my respect. Over time, we became closer and closer. And, after going through quite a lot together, I am proud to consider him family. In fact, I would trust him with my life.

Patty O’Connor

Artwork by: Eddie Price (GA)

I’m Patty. I worked for Vincent as his assistant when Stephen began working for him too. I knew Waltz from the shelter he ran. He and Vincent were friends. When I first met Stephen, I knew he was trouble from the start, and not just from the stories Waltz had told me. He just had that look about him. Still, his piercing blue eyes and smile made me agree to that first date. I’ve never regretted it! After all, he needs someone to take care of him.

Alistair Stewart

Artwork by: Eddie Price (GA)

I’m Alistair, from Scotland. I frequent the U.S., serving Mighty in various missions. That’s how I first started to really get to know Stephen. When I first met him, I had a sense about him. I didn’t know what it was. Later, when our paths crossed on a mission, I started to put the pieces together. He had a secret that needed keeping, and I did. After all, it’s wasn’t my story to tell. That’s when he began to trust me and we became mukkers.

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