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Why Christian literature?

As an author, I believe the reader is looking for a genuine story that the author is passionate about. I am passionate about my relationship with God. Because of this, I've given the first fruits to Him. That's not to say that everything I write is strictly Christian. However, I believe who we are as people will show in our writings. I hope what shows is my desire to leave a light for others to see by.

You'll also notice that I like to tie into history and the unknown a bit. These are also things I enjoy. Additionally, many of the places I take reader in my stories are places I've been. It makes it all a bit more fun for me that way, as I really am sharing a bit of my life with you through these stories.

Why urban fantasy?

I write urban fantasy because I've able to take a lot of things I enjoy and weave them into the fabric of everyday life. To me, it's a way of helping the reader to understand the plot and themes of the story. When I write, I try to write with a purpose.

When I was growing up, many cartoons had lessons at the end of each one meant to teach the kids to be nice to each other, or take care of their environment, etc. By writing fantasy in an urban setting, I feel it seems somewhat more applicable to the reader—easier for the reader to insert him/herself into the story. I know that's not always the case. Still, I write the kind of stories I like to read.

Why are your stories a bit on the dark side?

We live in a world that's broken, filled with broken, imperfect people. Despite our best intentions, we all do things we aren't proud of at some point in our lives. More than likely, we do them day to day.

We neglect to be good stewards of our world, our countries, our communities, our families, our friendships, and even our own bodies. I believe most of us are very aware of the issues that surround our own lives, yet do nothing about them. Why?

Perhaps we're waiting for someone else to fix it? Is it because we don't care? For most of us, I can't believe that's it. Instead, we do nothing because we are already defeated. We've lost so many battles as individuals, we fail to continuing trying. Instead, we pick our battles! Does that not sound a bit crazy? We pick out battles, taking on only the ones we're confident we can win. Why? Aren't the other battles worth the fight?

They are! But we each have learned to settle for less. We accept negative behavior from our kids without reprimand because of what someone else might say. We don't stand up for what we believe, because it might offend someone. We don't help our neighbor because we've decided the government is better at that than we are. We don't say "no" because it's unpopular. People from all walks of life are constantly being beat down by life and all the negativity.

I wanted to write a story about someone who starts from that position—someone at the end of his rope like I once was.

How long have you been writing?

I guess I've been writing a while, although I published the first book in 2017. I've always enjoyed telling stories. When I was younger, poetry was my preferred outlet. I still enjoy writing poetry on occasion.

Are you willing to speak to groups?

Of course! To date, I've spoken about my books at schools (college and public schools), book clubs, conventions, churches, and public libraries. I was even interviewed my Omni Geek podcast, which you can listen to here! I'll speak just about anywhere to anyone that wants to here about the books or my writing/life experiences.

Is there a cost for you to come speak?

To date, I have not required for payment to come speak. If the distance was far enough, I might ask for travel expenses. However, I view the opportunity to share my story, both the Chronicles of Stephen and my life story, as a privilege and honor.

What do you charge to sign a book?

I have not yet charged anyone for signature, and don't plan on it. Having the opportunity to meet people who enjoy my work is payment enough. If you catch me out, however, expect me to ask you to take a selfie with me!